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Nearly 22 years ago now. Today, it has 95, miles. A large percentage of that 58, mile difference has been off-road in the Pacific Northwest. The rest has been getting to and from the trail-head to leave the pavement. I traced this rig’s history and spoke to it’s original owner not long after buying it. He had purchased it as a dealer “demo” with 4, miles on the odometer. He used and abused it hauling a 55gallon drum, hunting dog cages, and pulling a 12′ trailer before the Repo-man mercifully rescued her from him, returning her to a Mike Salta dealership in Portland. That dealership was closing, and she was wholesaled to Beaverton Datsun, where she and I first we met.

Anyone know how to winterize a SeaDoo Sportster

Is your ideal day on the water spent carving corners and running full throttle on the straight-aways? Or is your perfect day spent cruising to your favorite on-water restaurant with the amazing fish tacos? Compact, agile and easy to throw around, the Spark is the most affordable watercraft in our lineup. Plus, it is economical to operate, maintain and own. Its compact design and lightweight construction also make it easy to tow with many popular sedans and simple to store.

Jul 26,  · water line hook up Ok so I am drawing a complete blank (getting old sucks!!) on what I need to add a garden hose to the water inlet so I can run the boat out of water. I need to check the timing on my BBF and do not have the hook up for the hose. Pics would be great. Thanks.

This is the typical dual battery install. This is a quick way to wire dual batteries so both don’t become discharged when an appliance is left on or over used. The second battery is isolated from the primary circuit when the engine oil pressure drops, like when you turn the engine off I’ve built this system several times, everyone that has it seems to be happy with it, and I’ve never been stranded with it.

Off roaders, in particular ones that work or do trails by themselves need the capacity to not only Isolate one battery, but to be able to ‘Self Rescue’. This shows the basic design for just such a system, using ‘Off The Shelf’ parts from any discount auto parts store. Fancy aftermarket toys are nice for the guys that are more worried about color matching their rigs than actual performance on the job, but this system is designed to do WORK!

This is what is known a ‘Integrated Operational Redundancy’, meaning if something fails, you may not even know there was a failure until you are doing maintenance on your system, and it WILL NOT leave you stranded with a single starter solenoid or battery failure. I have included some wiring for the solenoid that you should study and be familar with, since it will come into play later Now comes some of the added wiring, First, we have to do something about charging.

Since the batteries are actually isolated from one another when at rest, we have to do something about discharging and charging! Provision has been made for the high current drain to feed the starter through the dual Starter Solenoids, but there is NO provision for Common low current discharge, or common charging of this set of batteries. The change to this diagram shows the addition of an oil pressure switch that links the two batteries together for common, low current, charging and discharging.

If you are running a ‘Normal’ alternator around 60 amp output then you can probably get away with an oil pressure switch for connecting the two batteries.

How to Install a Well Water Jet Pump

What is a fuel line restrictor , and where is it supposed to be located? Some and Fuji engine models have a small metal flow restrictor Polaris part number inserted inside the return fuel line, about one inch from the last carburetor. It looks like a brass plug in the return fuel line, and it has a tiny hole driller through the center. The restrictor is used to boost fuel pressure inside the carburetors, and is in addition to the internal flow restriction in the Mikuni SBN carburetor.

May have also been used in some or engines.

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It is threaded for a garden hose Anyone have any experience with the Seadoo GTI? Yes that would the one. Mine was just spliced into an existing hose. But that was a ’96 model. Repacked the wheel bearings, Sprayed inside the pump with fogger oil. Unless you removed the stock exhaust you will have a water box that holds some water big e , Then topped the gas tank off so no condensation form in the tank.

Fill the oil tank. Ran 1 gallon of anitfreeze through the fitting while the engine was running on the lift – very important – make sure engine is running before flushing or putting antifreeze in watched anitifreeze come out the exhuast. Shut it down then fogged the cylinders, removed battery because it was spent. Took the seat off and put in the closet then put the cover on and forget about it. The Kawasaki service guy told me that the anitifreeze was not necessary, but I do it anyway.

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We’ve been in the watercraft field for over 25 years so trust us to help get you back on the water again! Parts for the new Sea Doo Spark We specialize in parts for the Spark and try to stock most of the “parts that break” as well as offering many popular aftermarket parts made by us as well as other manufacturers.

i cant seem to find the correct one. the one they gave me from a dealership was a universal one but it seems like i need a T-style hookup? i dont know. what are all u guys using? i cant even try to get this thing running because i dont even have a hose hookup attachment thingy lol anyone got pics of the RIGHT one for this ski? and where do u get them?

Jet Ski Water Hose Hook Up actually dont have the coupler on and i only had it running for about 2 minutes at a time. Your Sea-Doo’s Shop manual contains extra instructions for your specific model in the Flushing and lubrication area of the Maintenance section. Last Post By moparguy 68 replies Yesterday, The time now is I was flushing the engine and the hose turned on before starting. Tip Your Sea-Doo’s Shop manual contains extra instructions for your specific model in the Flushing and lubrication area of the Maintenance section.

Just to make sure, follow the water hose to make sure you are using the right fitting. After this time has passed, remove the hose. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. The engine will bog down for a second, and then resume its normal idle. This will flush all of the salt water out of the engine. A lot of these products can be bought from a local auto parts store or boating supplies store.

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Every experienced PWC rider has. With that experience, however, comes knowledge that can be passed along to help others from repeating history. I once watched as a neighbor fired up their new PWC after it floated off the trailer, and as it lurched forward grabbed the handlebars in a panic.

Macbook Pro Battery Not Charging Fix Sealed Battery For Gtx Seadoo Macbook Pro Battery Not Charging Fix Sla Batteries 6v 12v Battery Series Hookup All Pro Sealed Lead Calcium Battery Lantern Battery 12v Duracell Agm Marine Batteries Group Secure the wires and hose neatly and areas all. You might have already built a hydrogen car work.

Fuel tank, Facet pump, and fuel lines installed on a Challenger. Click on images to enlarge. Sealing Threaded Connections as appear on the Facet pump The first question that will arise when you go to install the hose barbs on the Facet is, “What type of thread sealer do I use? If you have hose barbs that are also brass, no sealer is required. The threads, being pipe threads, are tapered and the design of the thread is such that they create an interference fit as you torque them down.

But, you must torque them down tight, really tight. No, you don’t need a torque wrench for this. If you hold the body of the Facet with a wrench that is about a foot long, and then use a smaller wrench, about 6 inches long, to turn the barb, the proper torque will be just about “all you can apply” by hand, assuming you are of average strength. The barb will begin to bind after only about 3 or 4 threads are screwed into the port on the Facet.

Then use the wrenches. There will be lots of threads still showing when you get it tight enough. Don’t try to screw it all the way in.

# Can A 12v 26ah Battery Be Used On A 97 Seadoo #

This list is split into two parts: Alternatively, you could just get a plastic quick-connect from your local hardware store and use a length of garden hose. An oil extractor to remove the engine oil through the dipstick tube.

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Unfortunately the new design exhaust system on the 09 and later models will prevent that kit from working anymore. The kit has instructions on the back, just make sure you install it as close to the exhaust system as possible and still get a good connection at the hose clamp. The boat will be up on a lift after each use so it will be very difficult to hook up a hose to the flush connector even if I added a quick connect adapter.

Instead I’d like to splice in a connection inside the engine compartment. Has anyone done this on a Challenger ? I’m not sure if it’s a simple as splicing into the hose that’s hooked up to the flush connector and capping that connector off on the outside. Or if there’s a better location to splice into closer to the front of the engine compartment. During normal operation does the engine suck water from this flush hose?

I’m wondering or not to cap it off if I splice into the hose. Ideally, I want to be able to hoist up the boat on the lift, open the engine compartment, hook up a hose, power on, hose on, flush for a few minutes, hose off, power off, disconnect hose, then rinse the engine compartment and be done with it. If anyone has hose diagrams for that would be very helpful.

I’ve seen the diagrams on the OEM parts sites but they don’t show where the flush connector hose.

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Winterizing is a critical maintenance function to ensure your prized Sea-Doo watercraft will be ready to go spring rolls around. Even Sea-Doo owners in the south may be working towards winterizing their watercraft, not necessarily for the same reasons, but to prepare it for storage during the cooler winter months of non-use. Winterizing is about preventive maintenance and the steps needed for proper storage, and where and how you choose to store your watercraft will vary depending on temperature exposure, weather, duration of storage, etc.

Non-use can be damaging if specific procedures and maintenance products are not used, leaving you on the shore next spring while the others are on the water. We recommend consulting your authorized Sea-Doo dealer as they offer valuable advice and can assist in the maintenance of your personal watercraft.

Jul 22,  · hey guys, I want to hook up a hose to run my ski out of the water. where do i connect the hose to make sure it is getting where it is supposed to. I have read to start the ski and then turn on the hose and shut the hose off before the ski and this will prevent the water from going into the engine. is there a special connector I need? thanks!!!

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