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Instructions to retain your JHU email (no longer necessary) Okay, now it’s necessary again. New link. If you want to help advertise r/JHU, here are useful links: NOTE: Make sure you follow the campus posting policies here and here. or are dating someone in greek .

American Civil War Letters and Diaries The current release contains 2, authors and approximately , pages of diaries, letters and memoirs. Particular care has been taken to index this material so it can be searched more thoroughly than ever. Each source has been carefully chosen using leading bibliographies. The product includes 4, pages of previously unpublished manuscripts such as the letters of Amos Wood and his wife and the diary of Maryland Planter.

Originally created by Historical Data Systems, Inc. With thousands of regimental rosters and officer profiles, the database will continue to grow as new information is loaded semiannually. It is a critical element in the Census Bureau’s reengineered decennial census program. The ACS collects and produces population and housing information every year instead of every ten years.

American Doctoral Dissertations, present American Doctoral Dissertations, present provides electronic access to a comprehensive record of dissertations accepted by American universities during that time period. This index is based on the print volumes titled “Doctoral Dissertations Accepted by American Universities”. Newly enhanced with an additional 80, citations for theses and dissertations, the new citations include a link to access the full text, when available, via the Institutional Repository where the thesis or dissertation is housed.

American Drama, Containing more than 1, dramatic works from the early eighteenth century up to the beginning of the twentieth, American Drama — reflects American dramatic writing in all its richness and diversity: Applied Economics, American Economic Journal:


Future Scholars Program for outstanding high school students Our PhD graduates go on to do research at some of the top departments in the country. Undergraduate math majors at Johns Hopkins finish with a degree that prepares them for a wide spectrum of career opportunities. By applying the same courses simultaneously toward the requirements for the BA and MA degrees, an advanced student can qualify for both degrees within the usual four-year period of undergraduate education.

And our Future Scholars Program introduces high school students to the fun and power of mathematics. Johns Hopkins has a long history of preeminence in mathematics research, dating back to its founding by J. As one example of this, the oldest running mathematics journal in the Western Hemisphere, the American Journal of Mathematics , is directed and edited within the Department of Mathematics and is published by Johns Hopkins University Press.

Johns Hopkins’ W.P. Andrew Lee said that the physicians “are hopeful that this transplant will help restore near-normal urinary and sexual functions for this young man.”.

The historic original building at the Stieff Silver site The two-building 1. Rome Dean of the school. I like to think that those Stieff craftsmen would admire and appreciate the advances that will come out of our work in their former buildings. The transaction closed on Wednesday. As an owner rather than the tenant, the school can continue to invest in the facilities without concern about someday being displaced. Though planning for new uses continues, in the short term, the school plans both to move more research to the Stieff Silver site and expand the facilities already there.

Founded in when Charles C. Stieff bought out his partner in a predecessor firm, Stieff Silver started in downtown before moving out to the site just above Falls Road about two decades later. During World War II, when silver was rationed, the company switched most of its attention to alternatives like electronics, radar parts and surgical instruments, according to the National Register document.

After the war, the Hamden site returned to producing silver services and other consumer goods — increasingly including pewter reproductions and gifts — until it closed in

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If you have specific questions regarding residence hall rooms, the Online Housing Portal, or other facilities matters, please contact the Housing Office at or visit the Community Living website. The date that students are able to move into their residence hall is dependent on their housing assignment, which they will receive in late July.

This is the address of the Doubletree Inn at the Colonnade.

A teenage star track sprinter at Johns Hopkins University has been found dead near the Baltimore campus. The body of year-old Abigail Bastien was found by police on Thursday morning at the

Family[ edit ] Miltiades was a well-born Athenian, and considered himself a member of the Aeacidae , [1] as well as a member of the prominent Philaid clan. He came of age during the tyranny of the Peisistratids. His family was prominent, due in good part to their success with Olympic chariot-racing. Miltiades’s son Cimon was a major Athenian figure of the s and s BC.

His daughter Elpinice is remembered for her confrontations with Pericles , as recorded by Plutarch. Tyrant of the Thracian Chersonese[ edit ] Illustration of Miltiades Around BC, Miltiades the Elder left Athens to establish a colony on the Thracian Chersonese now the Gallipoli Peninsula , setting himself up as a semi-autonomous tyrant under the protection of Athens. Four years later BC , Stesagoras met his death by an axe to the head, [8] so the tyrant Hippias sent Miltiades the Younger to claim his brother’s lands.

Wishing to achieve stronger control over his lands than his brother had, Miltiades feigned mourning for his brother’s death. When the men of rank from the Chersonese came to console him, he imprisoned them. He then ensured his power by employing troops. He also made an alliance with King Olorus of Thrace by marrying his daughter, Hegesipyle. Miltiades joined Darius’ northern expedition against the Scythians , and was left with other Greek officers to guard a bridge across the Danube , which Darius had used to cross into Scythia.

Miltiades later claimed that he had tried to convince the other officers to destroy the bridge and leave Darius and his forces to die, but the others were afraid, and Darius was able to recross, [11] though some historians are skeptical of this claim. He established friendly relations with Athens by capturing the islands of Lemnos and Imbros , which he then ceded to Athens, who had ancient claims to these lands.

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The journal has a distinguished history dating back to Sigmund Freud, and the new editorial team joined us for a Q&A about their new challenge. The views expressed in guest posts belong solely to the author and in no way reflect the official opinion of the Johns Hopkins University Press.

These movies are just giving us what we want! Right, but why do you want that? You think you came out of the womb thinking that military hardware was cool? If you grew up in a real war zone, and didn’t have movies and TV, would you have the same opinion? I’m not saying Michael Bay is a secret tool of the military industrial complex trying to brainwash you into supporting the next war, no more than the makers of Jaws were trying to wipe out the sharks — they were just trying to make a scary movie, and Michael Bay is just a dude who likes explosions.

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Go write a movie about a hero with a gun that glows in the presence of Arabs. And I won’t allow my cutlery to take part in it. And I’ll do it with elves! Of course a guy born in assumed that Nordic races were evolved and graceful, that certain other races were born savages and that midgets love axes. Hell, he could have been the least racist person he knew, and he’d still be the equivalent of a Klansman today.

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Volatile-Rich Planet Loading the player MESSENGER measurements have revealed that Mercury is surprisingly abundant in volatile elements that evaporate at moderately high temperatures, ruling out many of the models for its formation and early history that had been proposed before the mission. Because potassium is much more volatile than thorium, the ratio of the abundances of these two elements is a sensitive measure of thermal processes that fractionate elements by volatility.

For Mercury, as seen in the first graph, this ratio is similar to that for other terrestrial planets at greater distances from the Sun but significantly higher than that for the Moon, which lost potassium during the giant impact that led to its formation. Relatively high abundances of other volatile elements, including sulfur right side of the animation , sodium, and chlorine, provide further evidence that Mercury is volatile-rich.

Commemorating the centenary of the Armistice that ended the First World War, this exhibition puts poems from the battlefield and the home front into conversation with historical photographs, maps, artifacts, and correspondence from the Sheridan Libraries’ special collections.

See References for citation. Vice President, Community Initiatives and Vice President, Policy respectively National Summer Learning Association, Baltimore, Maryland For a long time, summer learning programs have taken a back seat to more mainstream education reform efforts. Rather than rethink how summers could be used to support student success, policymakers have devoted their time and money to efforts to improve the traditional school day and year.

Recently, though, summer learning has moved into the spotlight. This new vision stems from a strong desire to use summers more strategically — as a natural time of year to pilot innovate partnership, teaching and assessment strategies while helping youth living in poverty to get a leg up on their middle class peers. In fact, summer vacation has taken many forms throughout history. Influenced by the aristocratic elite, summer was designated as a time for family vacations and a break from the mental taxation of school.

Vacation Schools slowly morphed into summer schools. Summer schools have primarily served to remediate for academic credit or advancement to the next grade.

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MESSENGER has provided multiple lines of evidence that Mercury’s polar regions host water ice. Shown here is a view looking down on Mercury’s north polar region, with 0° longitude on the bottom of the view and extending to 65°N latitude.

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Things that are not together…but should be… I followed my first instinct and looked at the collection of the British Museum, where a cynic might claim contains the stolen cultural treasures of much of the world. My first thought was of course of The Elgin Marbles, and the Parthenon. Yet, that ground felt too well trod.

Mixing Races is a clear, well written and useful book. Particularly unique are the personal experiences that the author brings to the story The documentation is inclusive without being overpowering, and the extra readings at the end of each chapter provide ample opportunities for further exploration.”.

The Carey Business School programs will be available to select students who have completed all or most of their studies at Ner Israel beginning in January Johns Hopkins University has a long history of collaboration with Ner Israel dating back to the s, including a prior agreement with the School of Professional Studies in Business and Education, a precursor to the Carey Business School. Its mission is to train students in religious scholarship and Jewish living including, critical thinking, finance, commercial law, and business ethics.

The Carey Business School offers Master of Business Administration degrees and specialized master of science degrees in finance , marketing , business analytics and risk management formerly known as enterprise risk management , real estate and infrastructure , information systems , and health care management.

In addition to its degree programs, Carey also offers non-degree certificate programs in Investments and Financial Management. Established in , the Carey Business School creates and shares knowledge that shapes business practices while educating business leaders who will grow economies and societies, and are exemplary citizens.

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The finale went out on a series ratings high of Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. She says she bought a house in England too. So then he purposely tests her by offering her a drink.

Homo habilis, существовавшие в начале этого периода, мало отличались [источник не указан дня] от дриопитеков и австралопитеков, они также жили за счёт природы, но Homo erectus умел, пусть и примитивно, мыслить и творить.

Johns Hopkins has a long history of preeminence in mathematics research and education, dating back to its founding in by J. In fact, the oldest running mathematics journal in the Western Hemisphere, the American Journal of Mathematics, is directed and edited by the Department of Mathematics and is published by the Johns Hopkins University Press. Today, a vibrant scientific environment continues through the interaction of our faculty, postdoctoral researchers, graduate and undergraduate students, and visiting mathematicians.

Seminars take place weekly and address a range of topics, and lecture series and conferences bring in top experts from around the world. The department is also home to the Japan-U. Mathematics Institute, which sponsors visitors and seminars throughout the year. What can you do with your degree? While our PhD graduates go on to conduct research at major institutions around the country, undergraduate math majors at Johns Hopkins finish with a degree that prepares them for PhD programs in mathematics, as well as a wide spectrum of career opportunities.

Our graduates have worked in fields as diverse as business and management, education, operations research, data mining, and finance. Our undergraduate program, when supplemented by courses in other departments, also prepares students for graduate or professional programs in other fields, such as economics, physics, engineering, and medicine.

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